In Booqable, orders can have 1 of 7 different statuses:

NEW - The order doesn't have a number and won't appear in the list of orders; you're still working on it. The order is only accessible for the employee who created it.

CONCEPT - The order is saved and assigned an order number. You can now start on a new order. Items on the order are not reserved yet; maybe you're waiting for approval from your customer.

RESERVED - The customer gave the go-ahead. To prevent double-bookings, all products on the order are reserved for the order period.

PICKED UP - The customer picked up the order. Some or all products are marked as Picked up; orders can be picked up partially.

RETURNED - The customer returned order. Some or all products are marked as Returned.

CANCELED - The order didn't go through, and all items are available again.
Orders can only be canceled while they're New, a Concept, or Reserved.

- Everything has been handled; there are no more administrative actions needed. Archiving orders cleans up your list of orders and calendar view.

Reverting an order status

If you made a mistake, or want to revert an order status for another reason, you can use the drop-down at the top-right: 

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