Pricing structures give you a lot of flexibility in the way you charge for your products, like charge a reduced rate the longer the rental period. 

For example: 

  • for one day you charge $20.00, 
  • for two days you charge $35.00,
  • and for each extra day after that you charge another $10.00.

How pricing structures work

Pricing structures consist of one or more tiles.
Each tile has a time period and a charge:

When the time period for one tile ends, the next tile is applied.
In the above example, you would charge $20.00 for a 23-hour rental, and $35.00 for 25-hour rental. 

After the time periods of all tiles are exceeded, an optional charge for each extra hour, day, week, or month can be applied.

Note: If you have multiple products using a similar structure, even when they're priced differently, you can apply a template pricing structure.

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