When several employees are accessing Booqable, we recommend having separate accounts for each of them. You can set permissions for each account, keeping specific employees from accessing sensitive information or taking unwanted actions (permissions for seats is only available in the pro and premium plans). 

Note: The maximum number of seats for creating team accounts depends on your Booqable plan.

Adding team accounts

  1. Go to your Account and billing settings.

  2. Under Team, click Invite new team member.

  3. Fill in the first name, last name, and email address of your co-worker.

  4. Set permissions for the account. Permissions can be changed later if needed

  5. Click Send invitation.

The new team member will receive an invitation. To access your Booqable account, they have to click the link in their email and create a password. 

Deactivating team accounts

You can revoke an employee's access to your Booqable account by deactivating their team account. You can reactivate their account at any time. Deactivated accounts do not count towards the number of seats used in your plan. 

  1. Go to your Account and billing settings.

  2. Under Team, find the account you wish to deactivate. 

  3. Click Deactivate user account

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