Enable availability in your online store to ensure your customers can only rent what's available, or hide availability if you want to accept all rental orders without keeping availability into account (to take quotes, for example).

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Enable or disable availability in your online store

You can show or hide availability in your online store. The option you choose determines how your customers place orders and how those orders come into your Booqable account.

When availability is enabled:

  • Booqable displays your products' availability for the selected rental period.

  • Your customers can only check out their shopping cart when all items are available during the selected rental period.

  • When the customer completes the checkout, Booqable reserves the order to prevent overbooking and ensure availability data stays correct.

When availability is disabled:

  • Product availability is not displayed.

  • There's no limit to the number of items a customer can order.

  • When the customer completes the checkout, Booqable creates a concept order; the products are not automatically reserved.

To enable availability in the online store:

  1. Go to Settings > Online reservations > Availability.

  2. Check the box labeled Enable availability.

  3. Click Save.

Availability options

With availability enabled, you get a couple more options; you can hide the available quantities and show availability for products and shopping carts on a calendar.

Hide quantities

You can show or hide the number of available items of your products depending on your needs.

Quantities visible:

  • Booqable shows the available quantities (numbers) for the selected rental period.

Quantities hidden:

  • Booqable does not display the available quantities, only whether items are available or not.

Show on calendar

You can display availability in your online store on two different calendars; one for individual products and one for all items in a shopping cart.

Product availability calendar

The product availability calendar shows the availability of individual products (or their variations).

Note: Unlike the shopping cart calendar, the product availability calendar only shows availability information, it doesn't select or update the global rental period for an order.

Shopping cart availability calendar

You'll find the shopping cart availability calendar in the order period picker, where customers select their desired rental period. It shows when all the items in your customer's shopping cart are available.

Note: Availability information is not displayed when the shopping cart is empty.

Both calendars use three colors to display availability:

🟢 The item or items are available

🟠 The item or items are available, but not for the entire day

🔴 The item or items are unavailable

Customers can zoom in on days with partial availability to quickly see at what time the product(s) are available.

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