Welcome to Booqable! We are so happy to have you onboard. The following article will guide you through all the steps you can take to get started on your Booqable journey.

The following list will take you through the order we suggest to take when setting up your Booqable account.

1. You will first want to follow the steps to enter your Company Info.

2. Next, you can decide upon your business’s Pricing and Currency Settings.

3. An important step is to determine your operating hours, and selectable rental periods.

4. Stay organised by selecting your date and time format.

5. Customize your account by setting up custom fields.

6. You can use Booqable to send out emails and documents. If you want to receive a copy of these emails, you can set up one or more BCC addresses.

To set this up, go to Settings > Emails and fill in the desired email addresses, comma- separated.

7. If you work with multiple locations, make sure to set these up before importing your inventory.

8. Accept online payments by connecting your payment gateways through Stripe or Paypal.

9. Set up your inventory by creating products, or importing your products.

10. Set up product pricing, create template structures, and set up advanced pricing for your products.

11. Set up tax profiles and refundable security deposits to assign to your products and customers.

12. If you have existing customers, you can create or import them into your Booqable account.

13. Invite your team members to access your Booqable account.

14. Choose a paid plan to begin after your trial to start streamlining your business.

15. Watch our orders video, or follow the steps to go through an order workflow.

16. Finish setting up additional features for your account, and choose settings for your online checkout.

17. Install Booqable on your website, or learn more about using Booqable’s online hosted store.

18. Edit the email and document templates your customers will receive.

19. For premium customers, learn how to configure your security settings.

20. Translate or edit Booqable’s customer-facing words, from ‘picked-up’ to ‘delivery’ for example, using localization settings.

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