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How to use the barcode scanner in the Booqable mobile app
How to use the barcode scanner in the Booqable mobile app

Learn how to scan products on and off an order from anywhere by using Booqable's iOS & Android app's FREE barcode scanner.

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There are a few ways you can use the barcode scanner in the Booqable iOS & Android app. You can use it to add products to orders, search for customers, orders, and products, and process pickups and returns. Below you will find a brief description of how to use the barcode scanner in each situation.

Adding products to an order

The barcode scanner can scan QR codes and barcodes for customers and products to add them to orders quickly. If you scan a product QR code, it will automatically reserve the stock item for the order when you have products with unique identifiers.

Searching for customers, orders, and products

The barcode scanner can be used to find specific orders and orders related to specific customers or products. You can do this from the search bar on the dashboard and the orders tab.

Processing pickups and returns

The barcode scanner can improve accuracy when marking orders as picked up or returned. Simply tap the barcode icon at the bottom of the screen to bring up the barcode scanner, so you can scan items' QR codes or barcodes. This will ensure that the specified stock items are sent out or collected and avoid issues with future orders.

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