Editing the product page template in the Booqable website builder is very similar to any other page on your website. The only difference is that you have to include the Details section, which contains all the information about your products, including their name, images, pricing, add-to-cart button, and description.

Editing the description

To edit your product descriptions, you must go to your Inventory and select the product you wish to edit. Then, go to the Settings tab and scroll down to Online store; this is where you will find a text box labeled Description. Here, you can enter a description for your product as you wish for it to appear on your website.

Adding a date picker

By default, your product page template will include a date picker at the top of the page above the product details. You can move the date picker to any part of the page, for example, below the product information:

Adding other sections

Adding other sections to your product page template works the same as any other page on your website. You need to click Add section in the menu on the left of the website builder. You may, for example, choose to add recommended products that you want to encourage customers to add to their reservations.

To learn more about website sections, read our article about them and how they can be used on your rental website here.

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