Stripe is an excellent payment gateway, but it isn't supported in every country. However, you can still create a Stripe account and use it to accept payments with Booqable.

To use Stripe from an unsupported country, you will need and US or EU bank account. You can get one of these by using Wise's Multi-Currency Account, which gives you access to a Euro IBAN or US routing number. This allows you to sign up to Stripe and accept payments in your local currency.

What is Wise?

Wise is a money transfer company based in the UK that offers low exchange rates, so you can transfer money without paying high fees.

With Wise's Multi-Currency account, you can hold money in 56 currencies. You can connect your local bank to Wise and use a Euro IBAN or US routing number generated within Wise to open US or EU currency account in Stripe.

Your customers will pay in the Booqable checkout in your local currency, and Stripe will convert this to USD or EUR. You can then withdraw the USD or EUR into your Wise account and convert it to your local currency to withdraw into your local bank.

You can find out more about Stripe support with Wise here and find a list of countries where Wise is unavailable here. If you aren't in one of those countries, you can use this method to connect Stripe to Booqable.

How to connect a Stripe account to Booqable in an unsupported country

  1. Create a Wise Multi-currency account.

  2. Fill in your information, connect your local bank account, and add the currencies you wish to receive and hold money in.

  3. Add the countries where you'd like to get local bank details for. If you live close to the USA, choose that and if you live close to Europe, choose that.

  4. Then, you can create a Stripe account using the foreign bank details you have generated in your Wise account. Be sure to copy the information precisely and fill in your address, but select the USA or a European country in the drop-down menu, depending on which currency you have chosen.

  5. When you've finished creating your Stripe account, you can connect it to Booqable in your payment settings.

To learn more about connecting Stripe to your Booqable account, you can read this help center article about integrating with Stripe.

Disclaimer: We got this method from Give Forms, which may not be suitable for all situations. We have not verified this method. We advise you to do your due diligence before proceeding to ensure you do not get into any trouble with Stripe.

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