Note: All document settings are accessed by going to Settings > Documents

Document numbers

Numbers of documents increment automatically. 

You can add optional prefixes to your document numbers, including dynamic values like the year or order number. 

Number Sequencing

Different businesses like to order their documents in different ways.
Booqable offers multiple options to sequence your documents.

Global level
The default type of document numbering (and the simplest) is global level; your first invoice starts at #1 (or any number you want) and increments by one each time: #2, #3, etc.

Prefix level
Numbering on prefix level increments numbers based on the prefix at the start of the document number. This way you can start a new sequence for each customer, month, year, or order.

Starting number

To change the starting number:

  1. Click the pencil icon after the document number. 
  2. Change the number, and Booqable will pick up from there. 


Note: The example document present in settings > documents > customize template does not reflect all company settings. It is only an example document. If you want to see how your documents will look specifically with your products and pricing settings you will want to make an order in your account to use as a test.

Add additional text, tables, and images to your documents.
The information you enter here will be displayed on all new documents by default, but can be overridden for individual documents.

Depending on the document you want to edit, click Invoice, Contract or Quote.

List individual stock items

To let your customers see which exact items they rented, each template has the option to List individual stock items.

What's next?

You can use custom CSS to change the look and feel of your documents even more.

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