In the Product Settings tab, you can view and change things like the product name, SKU, descriptions, and more. Here's a full list of settings for each product:

General information


Your product name is visible on your documents and in your online store. Each product requires a unique name.

Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)

SKUs are unique codes you can assign to products to identify them. They're especially useful for your warehouse team. 

Booqable automatically creates SKUs based on the product name, but you can come up with a system of your own. If you do, we recommend making your SKUs consistent and recognizable.

You can do this by including specific product details like warehouse location, shelf number, color, and size.

Examples of SKUs:

  • Sony FS7 Body: SON-FS7-BOD

  • White Folding Chair, Model 3: FC03-W

Custom fields

Need to include more information about your products? You can create persistent custom fields to store any additional data.


The following settings determine how a product behaves throughout Booqable.

Allow shortage

You can allow shortages for a product, so you can reserve more items than you have available. By entering a shortage limit, you can set the maximum permitted deficiency for that product.

You can solve shortages by adding expected and temporary stock to your inventory, and view orders that have shortages under Orders, With shortage

Padding time

You can temporarily make items unavailable by setting up padding time. Perfect if you need some breathing room before or after your reservations.

Here are three reasons to set up padding time:

  • You need time to prepare your items (for example, charging batteries or packing bags).

  • You need time to service items after a rental (for example, cleaning or performing minor maintenance).

  • You want time between rentals to prevent issues (for example, late returns).

Padding time doesn't affect pricing and isn't visible on documents and other customer-facing communication.

Note: To prevent complicated availability issues, updating the padding time of a product doesn't affect existing rental orders. If you want to apply the updated padding time on existing orders, remove and re-add the product, or change the order's rental period.

Description on documents

You can include more information on your quotes, contracts, invoices, and packing slips by adding a product description or accessory list.

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