Getting started with Booqable

Learn how to transform your rental business with Booqable.

General settings

Learn how to set up the basic settings of Booqable.

Products and Inventory

Learn how to create, manage, and track products.


Learn how to create, export, and scan product barcodes.


Learn how to create competitive pricing.


Learn how streamline order management.

The Rental Website Builder

Learn how to create a rental website with Booqable.

Existing website integrations

Learn how to integrate Booqable with an existing website.

Online store preferences

Learn how to customize your online rental store.


Learn how to accept payments with Booqable.


Learn how to streamline customer management.


Learn how to create contracts, quotes, and invoices.


Learn how to automate email communication.

The Booqable mobile app

Learn how to run daily tasks through the Booqable Mobile App.

Reports and exports

Learn how to track product performance through reports and exports.

Account and billing

Learn how to manage your team and billing information.


Learn how to edit the customer facing words of Booqable through translations.

API and Zapier

Learn what is possible through the Booqable API and Zapier integration.

App store

Learn about the available apps on the Booqable App Store