Getting started with Booqable

Learn how to transform your rental business with Booqable.

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General settings

Learn how to set up the basic settings of Booqable.

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Products and Inventory

Learn how to create, manage, and track products.

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Learn how to create, export, and scan product barcodes.

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Learn how to create competitive pricing.

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Learn how streamline order management.

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The Rental Website Builder

Learn how to create a rental website with Booqable.

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Existing website integrations

Learn how to integrate Booqable with an existing website.

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Online store preferences

Learn how to customize your online rental store.

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Learn how to accept payments with Booqable.

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Learn how to streamline customer management.

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Learn how to create contracts, quotes, and invoices.

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Learn how to automate email communication.

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The Booqable mobile app

Learn how to run daily tasks through the Booqable Mobile App.

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Reports and exports

Learn how to track product performance through reports and exports.

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Account and billing

Learn how to manage your team and billing information.

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Learn how to edit the customer facing words of Booqable through translations.

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API and Zapier

Learn what is possible through the Booqable API and Zapier integration.

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