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How to set up translations
How to set up translations

Learn how customer facing language can be customized to suit the right target market through translations in Booqable.

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Booqable's translation feature can work for different types of business requirements when it comes to the language and wording your customers will see on your website, in your documents, and on your emails.

The following article will guide you through how to translate, or adjust, all the customer-facing words and phrases displayed on your website and more.

How it works

For businesses operating their website in a language other than English, you can use translations to change all customer-facing words and phrases in a few easy steps.

For businesses wanting to change certain phrasing in English to those used by your team and customers, such as changing the 'Complete checkout' button to 'Request a quote', this feature is also for you.

The following sections below will preview every customer-facing word, or phrase, that you can adjust in the Translations column (as previewed in the images below).





Online reservations

Customer accounts


💡Note: The following will only apply to the content visible to your customers. If you want to change the language of your back office, please click on the following link.

However, if you wish to change simple phrases like 'Picked up' to 'Check in', for example, you can click into Personalize your labels in your Booqable account to do so.

1. Translate your customer-facing words

1. Click Settings from the main navigation.

2. Click Translations.

3. Click on the different panels to find the word(s), or phrase(s), in the specific website or Document locations that you want to change.

💡 Tip: Find text quickly (and avoid scrolling!) by pressing Ctrl + F on Windows, or Cmd + F on a Mac, to bring up the text you wish to translate.

4. In the Translation box, replace the content with your preferred or translated text.

5. Hit Save.

2. Translate the content of your email templates

Booqable has pre-loaded email templates for emails such as the Webshop confirmation, Customer account confirmation, and many more.

For those translating these words into another language, it is important not to forget to replace the content of your Email templates with your translated version.

Additionally, if you are using translations to use alternative phrasing in English (such as 'Picked-up' to 'Delivered') you will also need to complete this step to make those changes appear in your Booqable emails.

1. Go to Settings > Emails.

2. Click into an email template.

3. In Message and Subject, Replace the content of the email with the translated text.

4. Hit Save, and click back into the previous page.

5. Repeat this process for all your Automatic email templates, and any Manual emails you plan on sending from Booqable.

You're all set!

You have now successfully learnt how to translate the words and phrases your customers will see, using Booqable Rental Software.

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