Do you want to change the checkout button in your online store to read "Request a quote"? Or do you want your invoices in another language?

While Booqable's interface is only available in English, you can translate the customer-facing side of Booqable to your needs.

You can translate customer-faceing wording in the following booqable sections:

  • Documents

  • Checkout

  • Payments

  • Online Reservations

  • Cart

To translate your Documents, Online store, and Payments:

  1. Click Settings from the main navigation,

  2. Click Localization.

  3. Find the word(s) or phrase(s) you want to change

  4. Fill in a translationĀ 

šŸ’” Tip: To find text quickly, press Ctrl + F on Windows or Cmd + F on a Mac to bring up a text search.

šŸ’” Tip: Don't forget to add and/or edit existing Email templates for your customers

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