When your customers place a reservation, you may want to know some personal details or general information about the rental order.

The information you collect in the checkout of your Online Store is automatically mapped to Orders and Customers.

To add custom checkout fields

  1. First, make sure you created at least one custom field that applies to Orders or Customers.
  2. Go to Settings > Online Checkout.
  3. In the Checkout fields section, click Add field.
  4. Give your field a name.
    The name you use in the Online Store can be different than the name you use internally ("Where did you hear about us" for the Referral field, for example).
  5. Select a custom field.
    You can add fields for a rental order or a customer.
    Information about an order will show in the "Information" section of the Order screen, whereas customer information is added to your customer database in Booqable.
  6. Optionally, choose if filling in the field is required to complete the checkout.
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