How to enable customer accounts

Learn how to increase customer retention by allowing customers to login to the online store in Booqable.

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Allowing customers to create an account to log in to your online checkout means that stored customer information like addresses, customer tax profiles, discounts, and customized security deposits are automatically applied to the order.

This saves regular customers the time required for them to manually fill out the checkout fields for every order, and makes sure orders are being placed under the same customer profiles in your Booqable account.

How it works

Logging in during checkout can be required or optional, and you can choose if customers can create an account directly from your checkout, or only after you have sent an invitation.

1. Enable customer accounts

By creating customer accounts, customers will be allowed to create an account, and log in to your online store's checkout.

  1. Go to Settings > Online checkout.

  2. In the Customer accounts section, select Enable customer accounts.

💡Note: Make sure to update your Terms and agreements from Settings > Online checkout, as customers need to confirm them when signing up for an account.

There are four options that will appear for you to select depending on your business’s unique requirements.

Accounts are optional

Customers can choose whether they want to create an account or check out as a guest. When customers check out as guests, they appear as new customers in your Booqable admin.

Accounts are required

Customers need to log in to complete the checkout. Bear in mind that requiring customers to create an account may reduce sales conversions.

Customers can create an account

When this is disabled, customers won't see the option to create an account in your checkout. Customers can only create an account when you sent them an invitation. This option is useful for a "members-only" store, for example.

New accounts need to verify email

When customers create an account from your checkout, they receive an email asking them to verify their email address before they can log in. This option does not affect manual account invitations; the invitation itself acts as a verification.

💡Note: You can view and customize the emails your customers receive from Settings > Emails.

2. Invite customers to create an account

You can send customers direct invitations to ask them to create an account. They'll receive an email asking them to create their password.

  1. First, enable Customer accounts in Settings > Online checkout.

  2. Next, go to Customers, and view or create the customer you want to invite.

  3. Click Send invite from the right sidebar.

  4. Fill in the name and email address of the customer you want to invite and click Send.

💡Note: A customer can have more than one account; this is useful when different people can place orders for the same company, for example.

3. Disable a customer's account

If you don't wish for a particular customer to place orders with you from now on, you can disable their account.

1. Go to Customers, and view the customer whose account you want to disable.

2. Hover or click the account you want to disable and click Disable account.


1. If accounts are optional, can the customer still place an order as a guest?

Yes! If accounts are optional, the customer can still place orders as a guest. If you need complete control over who can place an order, make sure accounts are required is selected from your online checkout settings.

2. Is it possible to blacklist certain customers?

It is not possible currently to blacklist a customer, you can however, make sure customer accounts are required, and that customers cannot create accounts without being invited. This will give you full control over who is able to make bookings.

You're all set!

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