How to set up store preferences

Learn how you can optimize your branding and availability through setting up online store preferences in Booqable.

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Head over to Settings > Online reservations > Preferences in your Booqable account to customize the reservation process so that it feels completely at home on your website and fits your company perfectly.


Set up real-time availability to either prevent or allow over-bookings.
Disabling availability can be useful if you don't want people to see how many items you have in stock, or want to accept an order regardless of availability. That way you can either purchase more items, or contact your customers to do an up-sell.

  • If enabled, your customers can only place an order when all items in their cart are available for the requested period. When the checkout is completed, Booqable reserves the items on the order.

  • When disabled, the availability of items is not displayed, and your customers can always check out their cart, regardless of availability. The order is added to Booqable as a concept order and you'll need to reserve the items yourself.

Last-minute reservations

If you need some time before customers come to pick up their items, you can set a minimum notice for reservations.

Default locations

Set default locations for online reservations.

The default locations are also applied when the Location selection setting is set to "Don't select locations".

Add to cart button

Add to cart button can be used to either add products to cart or to allow customers to proceed directly to the checkout.

The latter method is used when only one product is being offered on the website, or to promote 'one product at a time' workflow.


Important: Categories and subcategories are not applied to the Booqable website builder. Collections have to be used instead. Categories and subcategories are only applicable if Booqable is being used on a 3rd party website.

Categories are the primary way to group products with similar features. If needed, you can add subcategories as well.


To change the color scheme to suit your brand, enter your color code under brand color, or choose one of the preset colors. 

The color you choose will affect a number of items, like the shopping cart, add-to-cart buttons, and the checkout page.

💡Note: Don't know you color code? Use this website or one like it to get color codes from an image.


You can choose how your products are sorted when a customer first visits your online store.

How to set the default sorting method:

  1. In your Booqable admin, go to Settings > Online reservations > Preferences

  2. Scroll down to the Sorting section and choose your desired Default product sorting method.

Show prices

You can change the way prices are displayed online, or hide prices completely to let customer request a quote, for example.

Read more about online pricing

Custom domain

When you enable Online Reservations, your online store is available through by default. Your URL will look like this:

Do you own a custom domain? You can connect a custom domain to access your Booqable Store with your branded website address.


To set up a custom domain, you must own the domain name you want to connect to your Online Store (You can purchase a domain at any domain provider available).

Supported domain schemes

You can connect a top-level domain name like or a subdomain like to your Online Store.

To connect a custom domain:

  1. Enter your domain name in the Online store settings.

  2. Set up your DNS to work with a subdomain or full domain.

Enter your custom domain in Settings > Online Reservations > Preferences > Custom Domain

Enter the custom domain you want to use in your Online store settings. Let’s use ‘’ as an example:

DNS settings for setting up a subdomain

  • Go to your DNS provider’s website (like GoDaddy or Cloudflare).

  • Create a CNAME (‘canonical name’) record for your custom domain.

  • Point it at Booqable’s host domain:

Important: Do not fill in ""; use the above phrase exactly.

DNS settings for setting up a full domain

  • Go to your DNS provider’s website (e.g. GoDaddy or Cloudflare).

  • Create an A record for your domain.

  • Point it at Booqable's IP address:

Important: DNS changes can sometimes take up to 72 hours to take effect, but are typically much faster.

Back to website URL

By default, the Back to website button redirects to [your-company]
If you use the online store on your own website, you can change the URL to let your customers return to a different page.

Terms and agreements

If enabled, the customer needs to agree to your terms before the checkout process can be completed. 

You can turn this setting on and add your own terms in Settings > Online Checkout > Terms and Agreement

Online store status

Here you can choose if you want to accept online reservations, and if you want the Booqable hosted store to be visible.

If you disable the hosted store, you can still accept online reservations by adding Booqable to your website.

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