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Online store preferences
Getting started with online store preferences
Getting started with online store preferences

Learn how to put your online store on autopilot by setting up these essential online store preferences in Booqable.

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Whether you host your rental store with the Booqable Rental Website Builder, or integrate Booqable with a website of your own, you can set up a range of tools that will automate the daily tasks it usually would take to run a thriving online rental store.

These settings will be the key that allows you and your team to forget worrying about double bookings, incorrect pricing displays, and having to update your rental store each time you update your Booqable account.

How it works

There are three key steps to streamlining the running of your rental store in Booqable.

1. General store settings

Your general store settings are the settings that make sure your orders are scheduled for the correct opening hours, reserved for the correct amount of time, and take into account your holiday periods.

2. Online reservation settings

Your online reservations settings are the tools that allow you to choose how prices and products are shown, how to create coupon codes, and how you would like product availability to work with online bookings.

3. Online checkout settings

Your online checkout settings allow you to choose which information fields customers can fill out for reserving items, how you can accept payments for online bookings, and how you can attach a custom domain to your Booqable online store.

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