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Getting started with orders
Getting started with orders

Learn how easy it is to create and accept orders from your online store, and manually in Booqable.

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Orders are the forefront of your rental business; and the key ingredient that keeps your team busy, your items reserved, and your revenue generating.

Orders in Booqable are placed either online by your customers, or manually on the backend by you and your team. They are one of the most simple features to manage in Booqable, and the guide below will show you why.

How it works

Order management in Booqable is separated into three key steps you can easily complete when setting up your Booqable account.

1. Creating orders

The Booqable order workflow is a seamless system that makes sure you and your team are updated on the whereabouts of your products at all times. In the guide linked below, you will learn everything you need to know about processing online orders, creating orders in Booqable.

2. Tracking orders

Once orders are placed in your Booqable account, tracking them is a super easy process to keep you updated on when you can prepare for their return, or expect the items back in available stock.

3. Orders for multiple locations

If you are an established rental business with multiple store locations (or plan to be!), you have probably heard of the multiple locations feature in Booqable. Thanks to this feature, you can enjoy assigning products to different locations in your Booqable inventory, and easily browsing their availability when creating orders.


1. Is Booqable suitable for subscription-based rentals?

Subscriptions are not supported in Booqable. Orders in Booqable have a beginning and ending date, that's how pricing and availability are calculated.

Setting up automatic renewals is not possible, but you may be able to do this manually. You could book out one of your products for a year (for example), then you would have to send an invoice each month manually from the back end of Booqable.

Click here to here to see what that would look like.
If the customer ended their subscription early then you would go back into the order and edit the details. Booqable was not designed for this type of model so truthfully it would come down to your particular workflow and trial and error to see if this would work.

If you wanted this to be automatic, technically you can do this, you could hire a developer to set something up for you like this using the Booqable API. That would not be something we would be able to do for you. If you did go down this route you would have to pick a pro plan or above.

2. Can I set a minimum order amount?

It is not possible to set a minimum order amount for your customers to be able to go through to the checkout.

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