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How to create and edit orders in the Booqable mobile app
How to create and edit orders in the Booqable mobile app

Learn how to reserve products in store, during deliveries, or on-the-go by creating and editing orders in the Booqable mobile app.

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The Booqable mobile app allows you to create new orders and edit existing orders on your mobile device.

Follow the guide below to learn all the different actions you can take to manage your orders through the Booqable mobile app.

How it works

Through the app, you can edit customer details and the rental period, add and remove products, add a discount, add notes, and register manual payments or request payments.

You will have full access to product availability when adding new products, just like in the web version.

1. Create a new order

To create a new order in the mobile app, you need to follow the steps below.

  1. Tap the new order button

  2. Add the customer's information

  3. Select the rental period

  4. Select a location (if required)

  5. Add products

  6. Add a discount or coupon (if required)

  7. Reserve the order

  8. Go to the payments tab

  9. Tap register payment

  10. Process a manual payment

  11. Pick up the items

Of course, not all these actions are necessary, depending on your actions, but this is the general order workflow for creating a new order.

2. Edit an existing order

To edit an existing order in the mobile app, you can tap on an order from the dashboard or the Order tab. Then, proceed to edit any details to make changes to an existing order. You can:

  • Change the customer

  • Select a new rental period

  • Add or remove products

  • Add a coupon or discount

  • Process a manual payment

  • Add notes

💡Note: If you change the rental period or products within an order, the payment details will update, and you can process the additional costs.

3. Use the barcode scanner

You can use the barcode scanner to scan QR codes and barcodes for customers and products to add them to orders quickly.

If you scan a product QR code, it will automatically reserve the stock item for the order when you have products with unique identifiers.

You're all set!

You have now successfully learned how to create and edit orders in the Booqable mobile app.

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