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How to manage payments through the Booqable mobile app
How to manage payments through the Booqable mobile app

Learn how to manage payments in and out of store by sending requests and registering manual charges through Booqable's mobile app.

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Payment requests

You can send payment requests to your customers directly through the Booqable mobile app to collect payment for your rental bookings.

Payment requests in the Booqable mobile app can achieve the following:

  • Generating a QR code that the customer can scan with the smartphone camera, bringing up a Stripe payment terminal for the customer to fill in their credit card details and confirm a charge.

  • Creating a shareable link for the payment amount, for you to send to your customers through email, text message, or social media channels.

Manual payments

You can register a manual payment in the Booqable mobile app; such as payments through cash, bank transfer, cheque, and card payments through unsupported payment gateways.

This does not process the payment, it rather keeps track of how you have taken payment for a particular order.

Currently; directly charging credit card payments and credit card authorizations are only available on the browser version of your Booqable account.

What is a payment request?

A payment request is a link you can create in Stripe, via your Booqable account, that you can send to your customers requesting a certain amount of funds for an order, security deposit, or both.

These are created in your Booqable order screen on both the desktop version and the mobile app, and sent to your customers via email.

Once received by your customers, they open the link, and are provided fields to imput their credit card details just as if they were paying for an order online.

Once charged, these funds will appear in your Stripe account, and the order will be automatically updated to a paid status.

How to send a payment request

  1. Login to your Booqable mobile app, and open up a new or existing order.

  2. In the order's screen, click the payments icon, as seen in the image below.

3. Click the Register Payment button to bring up the payment options available.

4. Select Manual payment; to register a cash, bank transfer, cheque, voucher, or card payment through a provider other than Stripe.

Select Payment Request to send the customer a payment link, which they can open and pay through their credit card in their own time.

5. Click the screen with this page appears, to choose how this payment link is sent to your customer. You can edit the value of this payment link by editing the price of the order.

Note: You currently cannot send a payment link for a portion of the order subtotal, like you can in the browser version of your Booqable order screen.

6. If your customer is in person with you, or your team, they can scan the QR code that will appear to pay for the order immediately. This will bring up a Stripe payment terminal on their phone, where they can enter in their credit card details, and confirm to pay. These funds will appear in the Stripe account you have connected to your Booqable account.

If your customer is not in person with you, choose to send the payment link via Email, Message, or choose Share to create a shareable link to send through social media channels.

Note: Once the customer has paid through the payment request, the payment due status will be automatically updated to a green 'Paid' status.

How to cancel a payment request

  1. In the order screen, click into the Payment screen (as seen below).

2. In the Payments screen, click the View payments button.

3. Click the arrow next to the latest payment request, and choose Cancel request.


You have successfully completed the tutorial on how to take payment for your orders through the Booqable mobile app, and save even more time with Booqable.

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