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How to manage orders on the Booqable mobile app
How to manage orders on the Booqable mobile app

Learn how run the daily tasks of a rental store from anywhere, by managing orders on the Booqable mobile app.

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You can download Booqable on your iOS & Android devices for easy access in-store on the go.

This article is a quick tour of how Booqable orders look and work on your iPhone or iPad.

How it works

1. Order basics

As soon as you install the Booqable app on your iOS device, you’ll see all your orders with the following attributes:

  • Customer name

  • Contact information

  • Order number

  • Rental period (pickup and return dates)

  • Order amount

  • Order status (the number of items that are reserved, picked up, and returned)

  • Webshop tag (if applicable)

2. Order filters

In the app, you can filter your orders by date, order status, payment status, and flags (shortage and overdue) to answer questions like those listed below.

  • Which orders will be picked up tomorrow?

  • Which orders will be picked up this week, and haven’t been paid for yet?

  • Which upcoming orders have shortages?

  • Which upcoming orders have been partially paid?

  • Which “picked up” orders contain “product X”?

Additionally, you can search your orders using customer names, products, and stock items. You can combine as many filters and search terms as you like to quickly get the desired results.

3. Order actions

On mobile, you can take the following actions on an order.

  • Update or remove the customer

  • Register payment (Only manual payments for now, credit cards cannot be used on the mobile app)

  • View customer info and call or email them

  • Revert the order status

  • Specify stock items

  • Reserve the order

  • Edit the status of order lines (i.e., mark a product as reserved, picked up, or returned)

  • See availability per location

  • Adjust the product quantity

  • Request payment

  • Open in browser

💡Note: By default, Booqable shows relative dates, such as Today, Tomorrow, and Yesterday. If your team is spread across different time zones, you may want to disable this setting to display the month, day, and year.

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