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How to receive Booqable notifications on an iOS mobile device
How to receive Booqable notifications on an iOS mobile device

Learn how to keep updated on important store updates on-the-go by turning on Booqable notifications from iOS mobile app.

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Staying updated with your rental business can be the most difficult part of managing a team. With orders being placed around the clock, products coming in and out of inventory, and customer information always changing - it's no wonder Booqable felt the need to take the stress away from running a rental business.

It is called our Booqable mobile app, and turning on mobile notifications can take staying organized to the next level.

How it works

Mobile notifications work by placing a small notification banner on your lock screen, your open mobile screen, and in the notification center each time an order is placed on your online store.

These notifications appear on your open mobile device screen as a banner notification.

These notifications also appear on your mobile device's lock screen.

How to turn on mobile notifications

  1. Log in to, or open, your Booqable mobile app on your iOS device.

2. Click on the Settings page within the app, and scroll down to Permissions.

3. Click on Notification permissions, which will redirect you to the Booqable app's notification settings within your iOS device settings. Click on Notifications.

4. The below page will appear when you enable Allow Notifications.

In this page, you can chose where your notification appears on your device; on the lock screen, in the notification centre, as Banners in your open phone screen or homepage, or all three options. You can also enable or disable sounds and badges.

Banner Style determines if your notifications will appear only temporarily on your screen, or if they remain persistent until you close them.

Announce notifications allows you to enable or disable notifications to be announced aloud from your phone speakers by Siri.

Show previews is where you can decide how or if your notification previews are shown, from the below options. This includes always, only when your phone is unlocked, or never.

Notification Grouping allows you to choose if, or how, these notifications are grouped on your screen.


You have successfully learned the benefits of turning on mobile notifications through the Booqable mobile app, to stay updated on all the daily changes of your rental business.

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