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Receiving browser notifications from Booqable
Receiving browser notifications from Booqable

Learn how to stay updated through enabling browser notifications from Booqable.

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Here at Booqable, we know that staying updated with every important change in your rental business can be hard.

That's why Booqable has made it possible for you to receive notifications from your browser and email inbox, for important events like orders received in your online store!

How it works

Receiving notifications in your browser and email inbox allows you and your team to be made aware, in real time, that an important action such as a new order being placed has occurred within your store.

1. Enable browser notifications

For new trial users, opening the Booqable backend for the very first time on their desktop or laptop will generate a message to appear near your web address bar, offering you to turn browser notifications to be notified when a booking is placed on your online store. You can enable, or disable, this setting as you please.

1. For current users, turn browser notifications on by clicking the lock button next to your URL in the web address bar (like below).

2. This will open up your browser settings for your Booqable account webpage, where you can toggle your Notifications on and off.

This will notify you through a browser notification each time an order is placed on your online store!

2. Enable email notifications

In your Booqable account, you can enable emails to land in your inbox for important events, such as each time an order is placed on your online store. This is useful if you prefer to check your new orders once or twice a day, and use your email as a platform for organizing your emails.

1. Login to your Booqable account, and go to Settings > Emails.

2. In the top email bar in this page, place your own email address and the emails address's of your team members who wish to receive an email each time an order is placed on the online store, making sure to separate each with a comma.

The email these addresses will receive is a copy of all outgoing emails sent to customers, including the Webshop confirmation email that is automatically sent to the customer from Booqable when they place an order online.

💡Note: You can click the link below to learn how to edit this or any email template with information of your own to customize it to your business's needs.

If you would like to add and customize your very own email templates into your email settings, to be sent from the manual order screen, click here to learn how.

You're all set!

You have successfully learned how to receive browser notifications from Booqable.

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