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The different product types in Booqable
The different product types in Booqable

Learn how to keep track of different types of products in one place through Booqable.

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Booqable not only allows you to create eye-catching rental products, you can also have customers purchase physical items and services from your rental store both online - and in-store.

Not only that, you can bundle products in a promotional package, and add custom product lines to your manual orders should you need to sell or reserve something miscellaneous in your store.

The following guide will teach you all the different product types you can create in Booqable, and when is the best time to add each type to your ever-growing inventory.

How it works

1. Rental Products

Rental products are the main products that you reserve either online, or in store, with Booqable. Even if your main product is officially a service, in Booqable you will want to add it as a rental product.

💡Note: As it is not possible to change product types after a product is created, please take care to choose the right tracking method in this step.

There are two types of rental products:

  1. Trackable

  2. Bulk

1. Trackable products

Trackable products tend to be the larger ticket items; the products you want to know specifically who has which stock item, of what product, and when.

With trackable products, every stock item has its own identifier so you can assign and track the individual quantities you have of one item.

2. Bulk products

Bulk products are for those products you don't necessarily need to track each specific stock item for, but would just need to know how many of each you have in stock.

These tend to be your smaller ticket items, or items that are quicker to replace in bulk if some are lost.

2. Service products

Service items, or service products, are the optional extra services (or items) your want to offer to your products. These are not trackable, therefore they do not have a product identifier code. 

Service items cannot be added to your website as a product card or button like other products. Service items will only appear at the bottom of the online shopping cart with a toggle. 

3. Sale items

Sale items are products that you do not plan on getting back. These are meant to be small items that you plan on selling along with a rental product, but do not expect to be returned with the rest of the order. 

💡Note: Sale items can be added to an order on their own, however, the items will still need to have a pickup and a return date selected in the order.

4. Custom line items

If you do not want to create a product for the Booqable backend for a one time product on a rental order, you can use a custom line item on the order. The custom line will only show up on that order.

💡Note: You can also use the custom line for negative amounts to give a discount to the order of an amount rather than the percentage discount at the bottom.

5. Bundles

Bundles allow for a single product to be made up of multiple other Booqable products from within Booqable. This makes it possible for you to track the status of multiple smaller products within a single larger products (the bundle).

For more information about how to create a bundle, you can view this help center article.

You're all set!

You have now successfully learnt all the possibilities for creating different product types in Booqable.

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