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How to track rental products in quantities
How to track rental products in quantities

Learn how to free up time when processing orders through tracking rental products bulk through Booqable.

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While larger, higher value products may be need to be tracked individually; Booqable has created a much quicker way to create, include, and track smaller items in the day-to-day running of your business.

The following article will guide you on how you can easily track your rental products in quantities in Booqable rental software.

How it works

Items that are Tracked individually means stock items have been individually labeled with a unique product identifier that can be instantly tracked in your Booqable account.

Items that are Tracked in Quantities, however, do not have their own unique identifier for each stock item. Their quantity of stock is the only thing that is recorded, and tracked (see below).

Many event rental companies use the Tracked in Quantities product method for tracking knives and forks for example, as they need to be able to skip having to label each individual item with a product identifier code or serial number.

You can use the method below to create and track items similar to knives and forks, that are usually lower in cost/value, and do not need to be tracked individually.

1. Create your product

1. To create a new product you want to track in bulk, go to Products and select 'Add product.' Enter the product name, and select 'Rental Product' from the product type options, and select 'Tracked in Quantities' for the tracking method.

2. Add new stock by clicking Add stock, and entering the Quantity you wish to add.

2. View item quantity availability

Once you have created your product to be Tracked in Quantities, there are a number of ways you can view the stock's availability in your Booqable account.

On an order

When creating manual orders in Booqable, the quantity of items available for reservation will appear in green underneath the item name.

1. On the Inventory panel

On the Inventory panel of your product, you can see the current stock for your item; including the total amount, and the number currently picked-up (meaning currently with a customer).

2. On the Booqable calendar

On the Booqable availability calendar, you can hover your mouse over the item to bring up the quantity of how many stock items are currently Picked-up, and how many are

In stock.

3. Process a pick-up for items tracked in quantities

In the order below, you can see it has a mixture of items tracked individually, and items tracked in quantities.

For the items tracked individually, you will need to assign a product identifier to the stock item to register which item is being picked-up.

For items tracked in quantities, this step is skipped! When you press 'Picked-up', the system will automatically subtract the amount of items from available inventory. Once you return this order, the number of available items will revert back to its original quantity.

You're all set!

You have now successfully learned how to track rental products in bulk in Booqable.

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