How to use the Booqable hosted store

Learn how you can take orders today through the pre-build webstore by turning on the Booqable hosted store.

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Every Booqable account includes a pre-built online hosted store that allows your customers to place rental orders for your store.

Follow the article below to learn how to effectively use the Booqable hosted store to accept online reservations.

How it works

Booqable hosts a basic online store for your rental business, so you can try online reservations without installing anything on your website. If you don't have a website, you can use the hosted store to accept online reservations.

The Booqable hosted store has products availability that is updated automatically in real time, and pricing and availability that is displayed optionally.

To turn the online hosted store on, go to Settings > Online reservations > Preferences > Online store status and click Enable Booqable online store.

The components that will appear on the online store is as follows.

1. Embeddable products

Booqable creates embed codes to easily add product cards, buttons, or lists of products on your website.

You can also embed lists of products (or products which have a certain tag). Real-time product pricing and availability are displayed automatically.

2. Shopping cart

The shopping cart fits beautifully with any theme and is customizable to fit your business. Change colors, texts and use it to take reservations or quotes.

3. Embeddable date picker

Let customers select their desired rental period.

Depending on your needs, you can set up the date picker to accept any dates and times, fixed durations, or time slots as the selectable rental period

4. Secure checkout

A securely hosted checkout with support for coupon codes and integrated payment processing.

As your customers check out their orders, they appear in Booqable automatically.
Collect any additional information about an order or customer by using custom checkout fields

You're all set!

You have now successfully learned how to use the Booqable hosted store.

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