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How to adjust product online store settings
How to adjust product online store settings

Learn how to customize how your product appears on the online store by adjusting product online store settings in Booqable.

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The products that make up your inventory in Booqable come with a specific set of settings that allow you to adjust how each individual product appears on your online rental store.

How it works

1. Find your product's 'Online store settings'

The panel for Online store settings appears after your product settings panel in your individual products. This is the page where you can customise if this product, and how this product, appears on your online store.

2. Set the 'Online store appearance'

The first setting that appears is Show in online store. If you wish to hide this product from your online store, make sure this is toggled OFF.

The next setting that appears is the Sorting order. This is the order this product will appear in amongst the rest of your inventory in the product catalogue. Product with the lowest numbers are displayed first.

The last setting of this section is the Description. The description of this product will appear in each individual product card you place individually, or part of the product catalogue, on the online store.

2. Write your SEO content

You can now incorporate search engine optimisation within your Booqable products with our SEO product settings.

1. Page title

You can write engaging page titles that will be shown in your browser's title bar or a page's tab.

2. Meta descriptions

The meta description is the snippet commonly shown in google search results that describes the webpage appearing in the results list. You can include meta descriptions that allows your products benefits to invite the web-browser to click into the page.

3. Explore Embed options

For businesses not using the Booqable online store, and instead integrating Booqable into a website of their own, this section will provide you with all the codes required to embed this individual product anywhere you like on your website.

You will, of course, have access to a one-time code that will embed your entire inventory into the page. However, these individual codes are great for those users wanting larger product images or different text fonts, and need the code for only embedding the add to cart button instead of the product card.

You're all set!

You have now successfully learned how to adjust your product's online store settings in Booqable.

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