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How to display and hide product availability
How to display and hide product availability

Learn how to create more convenience for your customers by displaying product availability on the online store.

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Enabling availability in your online store will ensure that your customers will be informed as to which products are available or not, how much of the product is available, and when the product will next become available.

This provides a clear and simplified overview for the customer, so they can find all the availability information they are looking for, and to provide extra ease-of-use of your rental store.

How it works

1. Display availability on the online store

You can show or hide availability in your online store. The option you choose determines how your customers place orders and how those orders come into your Booqable account.

When availability is enabled:

  • Booqable displays your products' availability for the selected rental period.

  • Your customers can only check out their shopping cart when all items are available during the selected rental period.

  • When the customer completes the checkout, Booqable reserves the order to prevent overbooking and ensure availability data stays correct.

When availability is disabled:

  • Product availability is not displayed.

  • There's no limit to the number of items a customer can order.

  • When the customer completes the checkout, Booqable creates a concept order; the products are not automatically reserved.

  1. Go to Settings > Online reservations > Preferences > Availability.

  2. Check the box labeled Enable availability.

  3. Click Save.

2. Display the availability calendar

On the same page, you can choose to enable or disable the product availability calendar, and the online shopping cart calendar.

Both calendars use three colors to display product availability.

🟢 The item or items are available

🟠 The item or items are available, but not for the entire day

🔴 The item or items are unavailable

💡Note: Customers can zoom in on days with partial availability to quickly see at what time the product(s) are available

1. Click Show on calendar to display the pop-up product availability calendar that will appear on individual products, and the online shopping cart

3. Choose whether to hide product quantities

1. On the same page, click or un-click Hide quantities.

By clicking the pop-up availability calendar itself, having quantities visible will display the quantity of this product available on each day of this calendar month.

With quantities hidden, the numbers will disappear.

You can show or hide the number of available items of your products depending on your needs.

Quantities visible:

  • Booqable shows the available quantities (numbers) for the selected rental period.

Quantities hidden:

  • Booqable does not display the available quantities, only whether items are available or not.

You're all set!

You have now successfully learned how to display and hide product availability in Booqable.

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