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How to view product availability
How to view product availability

Learn how to gain quick store insights by viewing product availability in Booqable.

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If you need to quickly view a product's availability for possible current or future orders, Booqable has created a super simple method of doing so.

Follow the guide below to learn how to view a product's availability off the Booqable individual order's screen.

How it works

1. Viewing product availability

A product's availability always depends on the order period, meaning you can't see availability details until an order period is specified.

As soon as you selected a rental period, Booqable will show you how many items you can add to the order:

2. Changing product quantity

If you added a bulk product or didn't specify stock items for a trackable product, you can simply adjust the quantity using the input field. 

If you added specific stock items, however, the only way to lower the quantity is by removing those stock items from the order:

You're all set!

You have now successfully learned how to view product availability in Booqable.

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