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How to generate availability reports
How to generate availability reports

Learn how to stay on top of stock levels, and gain extra insights into your store, with the availability report in Booqable.

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With the availability report; you can easily generate a product list, with a quantity of available stock items, for any given time period.

This is helpful if you are placing a pre-order over the phone or in-store, and need a number figure of how many of a certain product would be available for a future event.

How it works

Booqable's availability report allows you to view how many stock items of a product are available at any given time within your store.

As Booqable's availability calendar displays your product availability in a linear, order-by-order view, we consider it more useful for checking the outlook of a single week at a time.

1. Find the availability report

1. After logging into your Booqable account, click into the reporting page from the main sidebar menu. Click Run report under the Availability heading.

2. Set a shortage filter

1. Under Filter, choose if you wish to filter your product availability to only display products with a shortage amount. If you have no products with shortage, leave this button toggled off.

💡Note: A shortage means to set an extra quantity of stock items that can be reserved if your product is out of stock. This is helpful if you are able to sublet a product, or quickly purchase more, in busy time periods.


You have a stock of 5 digital camera's, but you set your shortage to 3.

If all 5 digital camera's are reserved, your store will still accept 3 more orders for this product - which you are expected to account for.

3. Set a time-period filter

1. Under Filter, click the Showing heading to bring up the date calendar. This will filter the results to show availability only within a certain date range.

4. Select a product to bring up the availability colour graph

This tool under each product displays the availability of this products stock items in an alternative, linear graph view.

The colour green symbolises that a stock item is available, with the vertical line graph displaying the quantity of stock items, and the horizontal line graph displaying the days of full availability within your selected time period.

Best Practices

1. Save this report with a screenshot

If you need to share this availability report with a team member or other individual who does not have access to your Booqable account, you can save this report with a screenshot by holding down the keys Command + Shift + 4 on a mac, or Windows key + PrtScn on a Windows device.

You can share this image digitally, or print it out to have it easily on hand for your office or warehouse staff.

2. Use this report for popularity predictions

If you wish to accurately predict the times in which your store is likely to be sold out of rental items in the next business year, you can use the availability report feature to find the time periods within the previous year that your stock levels were the lowest.

This will assist you with the decision to purchase extra stock items, or even hire extra fulfilment staff for those busy store times.

You're all set!

You have now successfully learned how to generate availability reports in Booqable.

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