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How to view availability on the calendar
How to view availability on the calendar

Learn how to easily display product availability in a click through the availability calendar in Booqable.

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The Calendar tab in the Booqable back end will help you keep track of your products; and will help you see an overview of what products are where, with whom, and when they will be coming back.

Keep reading the article below to learn how to view availability and orders on the Booqable calendar.

How it works

Are you unsure why something is unavailable for a certain date?

Are you unsure which customer had the product last?

Are you curious about who is currently renting the product?

To answer all of these questions and more, you can check the Booqable availability calendar.

1. Checking order information

When looking at the calendar, you will be able to see two things:

  • When the product is booked
    This is shown as a colored bar spanning the order duration. The color relates to the order's status.

  • How many of that product is booked
    This is shown as a number in the colored bar.

1. Hover over that colored bar to get a pop up of the order information for that product. This pop-up will show you the following information.

  • Order number

  • Order status

  • Dates and times for the order

  • Customer name and email address

  • Products on the order
    If there are more products, than the one you are viewing the pop up from they will also be listed in the pop-up.

  • A link to go directly to the order

2. To view specific information about your trackable products, expanding the product category by clicking on it.

The expanded product category will display the identifiers for the different trackable products in that product group.

3. If you also hover over the product name, you will see a pop up that tells you how many are currently picked up, and how many are currently in stock. In that pop up you can also see product information and orders that the product is on for the future. There is also a link to go directly to that product's overview page.

4. To help you see which products are specified to specific orders and which ones are not yet specified to an order, a colored bar will also appear in the line of the product identifier, as shown below.

5. To view if the specific stock item has not yet been identified on all orders; you will see two orders/lines in the product group name (like above), but you only see one order/line in the identifiers section.

We recommend specifying your stock at the start of the order (pick up) so that you can ensure that all products are available and accounted for correctly.

💡Note: If you use buffer time, there will be a little extension on the colors order bar on the beginning and/or end to show the buffer time.

2. Different calendar viewing options

You can view your calendar using three different view options:

  1. Monthly
    This view will allocate a smaller piece of the calendar screen to each day. This is most useful for companies with larger rental durations.

  2. Weekly
    This view will allocate a larger piece of the calendar screen to each day of the week. This is useful for companies with rental durations that span a few days but not longer.

  3. Daily
    This view will show hours of the day to the calendar screen instead of days. This is for companies that have short rental durations that often do not span more than a number of hours.

3. Using the calendar to check availability

This calendar tab is the best way to check availability for a specific duration amongst all your products.

1. On the top left corner of the calendar tab is a Check Availability button. Clicking that pops up a calendar where you can select a date range.

2. You can select from the predefined date ranges on the side of the calendar, or you can click on dates within the calendar to select a custom date range.

3. Once the dates in the calendar have been selected, the calendar will show the dates that you selected, an indicator of how many of the items are available over the number of items you have in stock, and a green highlighted section in the calendar to give a visual indication of the period. If there are orders within that period, they will appear within that green highlighted section.

💡Note: If you have any shortages active on a product in the selected period, you will see a negative number next to the product.

4. You can use the subscribe option offered within the booqable calendar to link to any calendar software that supports the iCalendar format, like Google Calendar.

5. Another option is to use our Zapier integration to build your own calendar integration to pull the exact details you want from your order onto your own calendar.

You're all set!

You have now successfully learned how to view availability on the calendar in Booqable.

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