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How to assign products to different locations
How to assign products to different locations

Learn how to manage products in multiple locations in Booqable.

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After adding more then one store location to your Booqable account, the next step is to assign the available inventory you have in stock to that particular location.

Assigning products to different locations allows customer to easily find the product they want at a location most convenient for them, and prevents reserving the wrong product to customers at a different location

How it works

The way products are assigned to different locations is slightly different if they are bulk products, or individual trackable items.

Quantities and locations automatically update as items are picked up and returned by your customers. So when a customer returns an order, its location automatically changes to the return location.

1. Bulk products

For bulk products, you can view and adjust the quantities for each location with plus and minus icons on the inventory panel of the individual product.

2. Trackable products

For trackable products, you can add stock items to a location by clicking the Add stock items button, and selecting the correct location from the drop down menu. You can add multiple stock items at a time.

💡Note: When a trackable stock item is picked up, its location changes to the pickup location, regardless of its current location.

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