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Learn how to manage multiple stores at once by setting up multiple locations in Booqable.

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For a thriving business like yours, you may already (or be planning to) have more than one store across your city, state, or country.

The good news is, you can assign products to your different store locations with Booqable, where you can track your inventory and manage your orders from one place.

How it works

A location is a place (like a store) where customers pick up and return orders, or a warehouse that only stocks inventory.

With at least two locations added to your account, you can add inventory to each location and specify where customers pick up and return rental orders.

You can also allow your customers to choose one location as their pickup location, and another as their return location (this is really handy, but optional).

By default, each location has its own separate stock, which doesn't move to other locations.

Setting up multiple locations in your Booqable account allows you to do a number of extremely useful things for growing businesses:

  • Assign products to your different store or warehouse locations.

  • Allow customers to select their desired location for their reservation from your online store’s date picker.

  • In Settings > Online store > Preferences > Availability > Show on Calendar, you can turn the online availability calendar on so customers can see the amount of stock available at each location (Optional).

  • Filter your order screen by location, with the ability to both view and export this order list.

1. Add a location

  1. Go to Settings > Locations.

  2. Click Add location.

  3. Choose a unique name and a shortcode (like EAS for East, or NYC for New York City).

2. Assign products to a location

1. Click into or add a product from the products page in the sidebar menu.

2. Click into the Inventory panel for this product.

3. Click the option to Add stock.

4. Add in the quantity of stock you have in this location, and choose the correct location from the dropdown menu.

5. In Advanced settings, you can also assign the correct date the items will come into available stock in this location by choosing a date from the available from field. If this item is only temporarily available, you can also assign an end date to its availability in the available till field.

For bulk products, you can see and edit the quantities for each location:

For trackable products, you can see and edit the location of each stock item:

6. Repeat these steps to add stock to other locations, making sure you choose the correct location from the drop down menu.

These products will now be available to take reservations for those specific locations both in-store, and online.

3. Delete a location

If you no longer want to fulfil orders or stock inventory from a specific location - you can delete it.

Before you can delete a location, you need to move or remove any inventory currently available from the Inventory panel of the product.

  1. Go to Settings > Locations.

  2. Select the location you want to delete.

  3. Click Delete.

💡Note: You always need to have at least one location set up for your Booqable account to function correctly.

You're all set!

You have now learned how to optimize the management of multiple locations in Booqable.

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