Single sign-on (SSO) lets users authenticate with multiple applications using one set of credentials. If you have a Booqable Premium account and have SSO set up for your business, you can require backend users to log in to Booqable using their SSO credentials.

Please note: this setup process should be done by an IT administrator with experience creating applications in your identity provider account.

How to setup Single Sign On:

  1. Log in to your identity provider account.

  2. Navigate to your applications.

  3. Create a new application for Booqable.
    To get the Audience URI and Sign on URL, ACS, Recipient, or Redirect values:
    - In your Booqable account, click the settings icon settings in the main navigation bar.
    - In the left sidebar menu, select Security.
    - In the Single sign-on (SSO) section, click the copy icon next to the values as needed. Paste them into your identity provider account where required.
    - If prompted, set the username format/name ID to Email.

  4. Copy the identifier or issuer URL, the single-sign on URL, and the certificate from your identity provider, and paste them into the corresponding fields in the SSO setup panel in Booqable.

  5. Click Save. 

A correct setup should look like this:

Testing the setup:

To test the setup, log out of your Booqable account and use the test link provided in the setup.

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