How to troubleshoot on Squarespace

Learn how to solve a range of issues relating to your website by troubleshooting on Squarespace.

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Are you experiencing Problems with Booqable on your Squarespace site?

The following article will assist you with some common problems you may experience with a Booqable integration on a Squarespace website.

1. Problem: Booqable does not show up unless I refresh my website

Solution: Disabling Ajax Loading

Squarespace has a setting that can affect the loading speeds and loading order of items on your webpage. This setting is called Ajax Loading.

You can view this guide to learn more about how to turn off the Ajax Loading setting on your website.

2. Problem: Booqable buttons do not work when I test the cart and products on my website

Solutions: View your website without the Squarespace editor.

The Squarespace website editor sometimes blocks the functionality of third party applications. If you click on an add to cart to button and nothing happens, or if you click on the cart and cannot close it again, most likely you are experiencing this block in functionality.

The way around this is to open your website in a private/incognito browser and view your website as though you were a customer viewing your website for the first time. 

💡Note: To do this you will need to make sure your website is public or password protected so that you can access it without being logged in.

Once you are viewing your website outside of the editor and freshly, you should be able to fully use every element of Booqable that has been put onto your website.

If you are still experiencing issues, the next step is to make sure your company code is correct in your code injection header of the site.

Are you experiencing a different issue with your Squarespace website?

Contact us and we will help you troubleshoot it!

Either use the Chat Bubble or email us at [email protected] with screenshots, a link to your Squarespace website, and information about the issue you are experiencing.

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