It only takes a few minutes to install Booqable on your Squarespace website. Once installed, you’ll be able to embed your rental items and start accepting rental reservations.

Step 1: Get the JavaScript code

After starting a Booqable trial, you can find the code in your account settings. This snippet is pre-populated with your unique company ID, so it’s ready to go:

  1. Go to Settings > Online reservations > Installation

  2. Under Setup instructions, click Javascript snippet

  3. Copy the code to your clipboard

Step 2: Using the code

There are two ways to install the Booqable shopping cart on Squarespace:

  1. Show the shopping cart on every page of your website

  2. Show the shopping cart only on specific pages

Option 1: Show the cart on every page

If you want to add your Booqable cart and products to every page of your website, you can use the Code Injection area in Advanced Settings of Squarespace:

In the Home menu in the Squarespace sidebar:

  1. Go to Settings > Advanced > Code Injection

  2. Paste the JavaScript snippet into the Header section

  3. Click Save

Option 2: Show the cart on specific pages

If you want to add the cart and products on specific pages of your site, you can add the code to the Page's Settings in Squarespace.

From the Home menu in the Squarespace sidebar:

  1. Go to Pages

  2. Hover over the page title and click the Settings icon

  3. A Page Settings window will appear

  4. Click Advanced

  5. Paste your code in the Page Header Code Injection area

What's next?

Now that you have installed Booqable on your Squarespace website, it's time to add your products.

Adding Booqable products to Squarespace

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