You can create a new order at any time by clicking the + button  in the top left corner. 

Note: Until an order is Saved, Reserved or Picked up, it will have the status [NEW].
It will not be visible in the list of orders, and clicking the + button will always take you back to this order.

Assign a customer to an order

You can search for an existing customer or create a new customer right from the order screen. You can also select customers by scanning a barcode (on a membership card, for example).

For orders coming from your online store, Booqable automatically creates a new customer for you. If a duplicate customer exists in the system you will have the opportunity to merge them together.

Choose a rental period for your order

Products on the order will be reserved for the duration you select here. 

Note: The rental duration and the amount you charge are independent from each other (you can charge 2 days for a 3-day rental for example).

Default order times

If most of your rentals start at the same time, you can set up default order times to speed up your workflow.
For new orders, these times are filled in by default.
These times are also applied to orders coming in from your online store.

To set up default order times, head over to Settings > General.

What's next?

Next, add some products to this order.

💡 Want to Learn More using a Tour?

To learn more about how to set up a template pricing structure, you can read this article and/or follow our template pricing structure product tour by going to


You will need to replace the {{}} with the beginning part of your booqable account URL.
For example, if I log in and use booqable on, I would go to to view the product tour guide.

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