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How to add more than one address to a customer's profile
How to add more than one address to a customer's profile

Learn how to store customer information in one place through adding multiple addresses to customer profiles in Booqable.

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For customers or clients who have two different addresses relevant to their rental order, you can save multiple addresses in their unique customer profile in Booqable.

This can be handy to record both a home address and a work address, or perhaps an office address and a venue address if they are an event company.

How it works

  1. Click Customers, and the customer profile page of Booqable will appear.

  2. Click into the name of the customer you wish to edit.

  3. Click Add address to add a new address, or click an existing address to edit it.

  4. Name the address with something simple, such as 'Main address'.

  5. Fill in the applicable fields.

  6. Click Save customer to save your changes.

7. Repeat these steps for as many addresses as this client has.

💡Note: For international addresses, you can change the way address lines are ordered under Settings > Translations.

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