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How to import customer information into Booqable
How to import customer information into Booqable

Learn how to cut down on data management by importing customer information from another platform to Booqable.

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You can upload a CSV or Excel file to easily import your current customers into Booqable.

💡Note: The first line of your file should contain headers.

List of mappable fields

  • Name

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Tags

  • Address

  • Discount percentage

💡Note: In addition to these mappable fields, you can import any extra information, which will be added to the customers as text fields.

To import customers using a CSV or Excel file

  1. Click Customers and then click Import.

  2. Upload your CSV or Excel file to get started.

  3. Booqable will now ask you to map the columns that contain your customers’ attributes (names, email addresses, etc.). 

  4. Click the column you want to add.

  5. Click Next step to continue.

  6. At one point you'll be asked which columns contain address information. Map each column that contains address information. If you have all address information in one column, you can map it to address line 1. 

  7. If you have any, Booqable will prompt you to map additional columns. You can choose one of the predefined attributes or map the column as text.

  8. Click Finish mapping to see a preview of your mapping. 

  9. Click Start import or, if you need to make changes, click Back to mapping.

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