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How to import pre-purchased barcodes into Booqable
How to import pre-purchased barcodes into Booqable

Learn the easiest method of barcoding products through purchasing labels online.

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Booqable has created the quickest, simplest, and most popular way of setting up barcodes for your rental store.

Follow the guide below on how you can easily import pre-purchased barcodes from another supplier into your Booqable account, all with the help of the Booqable Mobile App.

How it works

This process works by first purchasing a pre-printed roll of barcodes from a supplier like those suggested below, sticking them to your physical products manually, and registering them to your products in Booqable by using the mobile app's built-in barcode scanner.

1. Order barcodes online

There are various suppliers where you can order sequential barcodes, but it can often be difficult to find the right one.

Below are two main suppliers which we would suggest for ordering pre-made barcodes.

💡Note: Both options offer worldwide shipping, but it would be more convenient and cost-effective to choose the closest one to your location.

2. Stick them to your items

💡Note: This process is for items that will be Tracked individually. For items Tracked in quantities, you can skip this step.

In this step, you will have needed to receive your barcodes already from your supplier, and have access to your full inventory.

You will need to manually stick one barcode to each of your physical products you intend to manage through your Booqable account.

3. Assign to barcodes to Booqable products, through the app

Now for the fun part! To get assign a barcode to a Booqable product, you will have first needed to download the Booqable mobile app.

1. Once your account is connected to the app; go to your settings, and select Set Up Barcodes.

2. Once you have clicked Set Up Barcodes, you will be brought to a list of your products. Click on a product, or type in the search bar to find the product you want to add the barcode to.

3. Decide if you want to add a barcode to the product, or add a barcode to a specific stock item. Click the appropriate Add barcode button, to open your camera.

4. To scan a barcode, bring the barcode into view of your camera, and the app will automatically detect the barcode and populate the information below the viewport. When you're satisfied that this is correct, click Link to assign the barcode.

Now your product has successfully been assigned a barcode! You can use the app's built in scanner to assign products to orders, or scan products as picked up or returned.

5. To edit a barcode, select the stock item from the app. You can edit the information manually or scan a new barcode using the same process described above.

You can see an overview of barcodes associated with stock items on the product screen in the app and on desktop.

You're all set!

You have now successfully learned how to import pre-purchased barcodes into Booqable.

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