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Importing your data into Booqable
Importing your data into Booqable

Learn how to take the headache out of migrating from your current rental software to Booqable.

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If you're already using a different software to manage your rental business, it's important to make sure your product and customer information carries over successfully to Booqable.ย 

The following article will guide you through the steps you can take to seamlessly migrate from your existing rental software, to Booqable Rental Software.

How it works

Importing your data over to Booqable is a key step that enables you to save alot of time and effort, as well as ensures the prevention of any loss of important data from the running of your rental business so far.

Migrating to Booqable from another software will involve importing your products, importing your customers, and some extra steps you can take to bring the history of your rental business across to your new rental management software.

1. Import your products

To make the transition to Booqable as smooth as possible, we recommend uploading a CSV or Excel file to import your inventory into Booqable in one step.

This will create all new products in Booqable to match those set up in your current system; importing their product names, quantity, descriptions, prices, and much more.

Check out our guide on importing your inventory list.

2. Import your customers

If you already have a hefty customer database stored in your current rental software, you can upload a CSV or Excel file to easily import them into Booqable.

Check out our guide on importing your customer information.ย 

3. Personalize the terminology of your account

1. Go to Settings > General > Personalize your labels to get started.

This step allows you to customize your Booqable account's terminology for labels such as Customer, Order, Quote, Contract, Packing slip, Pickup, and Return to match those you and your team used in your previous system.

This effects both the Booqable backend, your online store, and the documents you send to your customers.

4. Personalize your online terminology

This step achieves exactly the same as the previous step, except for the terminology on your online store.

Whether you have a website with Booqable's Rental Website Builder, or have integrated Booqable into a website of your own, follow the guide below to get started translating your customer-facing-words in Booqable.


1. Can I import my existing product barcodes or serial numbers?

Yes! You can apply your existing barcodes to your Booqable items as part of a product import.

They will import over with the rest of your product information, and be able to be scanned onto an order through the Booqable Mobile App.

The exact same method applies to importing your existing serial numbers, to assign to your newly created Booqable product stock items.

Check out our guide on importing your inventory list.

๐Ÿ’กNote: All barcodes are imported as type 'Code 128' barcodes.

2. Can I import product images?

Yes! You can import up to 4 images per product as part of a product import, by adding each image URL in a separate column on your CSV or Excel file.

Check out our guide on importing your inventory list.

You're all set!

You have now learnt how to successfully migrate from your existing rental platform, over to Booqable Rental Software.

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