Important: The importer is only intended to add new inventory to the system, it doesn't update existing inventory. Products with identical names as existing stock will be skipped.

To import a CSV or Excel file: 

  1. Click Products from the main menu
  2. Click Import from the left sidebar
  3. Upload your file. 

Note: The first line of your file should contain headers.

You can download a sample product CSV file to use as a template for creating your own. Remember to remove the example products.

Importing trackable and bulk products

Your products can be imported as bulk or individually trackable using one single spreadsheet.

To import trackable items of a product, create a row for each separate stock item. The items should have identical names, a quantity of 1, and a unique identifier (like a serial number).

Bulk items have no identifier and may have higher quantities.

Mapping columns

Next, follow the steps to map your columns.
You can map additional columns after you completed the steps.

Mappable attributes

  • Name (required)
    A name is needed for all products stored in Booqable.
  • Identifier
    Map an identifier to track products individually.
  • Quantity
    Determines the number of stock items in your inventory. Trackable stock items always have a quantity of 1.
  • Price
    Prices are imported as a flat rate (per day).
  • Tags
    Tags (comma-separated) help you categorize your inventory.
  • SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)
    A code that helps you to keep track of your inventory.
  • Padding time (in hours)
    The time before and after each booking that the product remains unavailable for other bookings. 
  • Barcode
    All barcodes are imported with as type Code 128 barcodes.
  • Description on documents
    Product description for documents (you can list accessories here for example).
  • Description in Shop
    Product description in your online store.
  • Text field
    Any other information you map will be added as custom fields.
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