Create a powerful rental website with Weebly. By connecting your Booqable account you can display your inventory and accept online reservations and payments.

Step 1: Set up Booqable

  1. Go to Settings > Online Reservations > Installations >.
  2. Click Weebly App.

Step 2: Set up Weebly

Log in to your Weebly account or sign up if you haven't already.

Find Booqable in the App Center and click Add.

Next, select the site you want to connect to and click Continue.

Step 3: Add products to your page(s)

You’ll be taken to the site Editor where you’ll see Booqable highlighted in the Build tab. You can add products to your website in 3 ways: as a list, button or detailed view.

  • Product List
    Display a list of your products. Optionally, you can choose to show only products with specific tags, set the number of products per page, or limit the number of products loaded altogether.
  • Product Button
    Only show the "Add to cart" button. This is useful if you already have pages for your products, for example. See below for instructions on finding your product ID.
  • Product Detail
    Show the product image, description, and "Add to cart" button.
    See below for instructions on finding your product ID.

Finding the Product ID

When you insert a product button or detail, you'll be asked for a product ID.
Here's how to find it:

  1. In Booqable, head over to Products
  2. Hover over the Embed button to find the Product ID.
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