How to use Booqable with a Wix website

Learn how to integrate the Booqable shopping experience to an existing website created through Wix.

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Using a Website builder like Wix or GoDaddy with Booqable has many limitations, as these two website builders are not as flexible when it comes to third party applications being added to their sites.

You will have more flexibility when using another website builder such as WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly, or self made (other website builders will also work). These allow for easier and more direct integrations with Booqable, and better customer experiences when shopping for rental products.

How it works

If you are unable to switch websites at this time or do not wish to move away from Wix just yet, there are two ways in which you can display Booqable on your website:

  1. You can link out to the Booqable supplied hosted webshop.

  2. You can use an IFrame.

1. Linking to your Booqable hosted store

The best way to have your customers shop from your Wix website is to link to your personal hosted shop experience that Booqable offers with every account.
You can add this link into the menu of your Wix website and/or onto any page on your website.
This link would be
You can also find this link in your settings > online reservations

Note: At this time, the shop we offer is a basic shop, originally designed with the intention of testing settings. Therefore, it does not offer much customization nor organization options, thus why we recommend integrating to a website instead.

An example of a hosted shop can be URL:

2. Using Booqable in an iFrame on your website

An IFrame will display your products and your shopping cart much like the webshop that we offer does, but would allow you to display it directly on your website instead of linking out to it.

The main reason we do not recommend using IFrames is they are not as responsive as a normal website element and often do not adjust for different screen sizes; on mobile the shopping experience could be near impossible if the website is not optimized for mobile.

The other reason we do not recommend the iframe is that you still cannot customize which products show up on the shop and what order they show up in.

3. Combining both options

One thing you can also look into doing is creating the IFrame on the desktop versions of your website, and using a link out to your Booqable hosted shop from the mobile version of your site.

πŸ’‘Note: Ultimately, Booqable does not recommend a Wix, GoDaddy, or similar type of website builder due to the limitations places on your by the website builder. While it is possible to use Booqable in combination with Wix, we do not recommend or endorse this.

You're all set!

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