FAQ for the Rental Website Builder

Learn the solutions to frequently asked questions about the Booqable Rental Website Builder.

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Can I create a shop with Booqable?

Yes! Booqable allows you to create an online store using the Booqable website builder, as well as install Booqable on a third-party website if you decide to use your own website to accept bookings. Please note that the checkout will happen through Booqable.

Is hosting included?

Yes! Booqable hosts your website and this is included in the plan price. The URL of the website will be automatically generated. If you'd like to use a custom domain with the Booqable website, you can apply it by following the custom domain guide.

What is the difference between collections and categories?

If your website is built with the Booqable rental website builder, you can use Collections to categorize your products. You can create collections by going into your Inventory and by clicking the Collections tab at the top of the screen.

If you have Booqable installed on a 3rd party website (such as WordPress or Squarespace), and you use Booqable's embeddable components to display your products, and you can use Categories to categorize your products.

You can add categories by going into Settings > Online Reservations > Preferences > Categories.

Can I change the image size in the website builder? What is the preferred/recommended image size?

Images that you upload and use on your website are automatically optimized. Their size cannot be changed. This is to ensure that those images are displayed correctly on all devices that might be used to visit your website.

Image size recommendations (Booqable will take any image size and optimize it to make sure it can be viewed on all devices):

Full-width image banner: 2500px width

Regular image banner: 1400px width

Can I generate a sitemap file?

It is not possible currently to generate a sitemap file in the Booqable website builder.

Can I make service items mandatory?

Service items are optional extras that can be selected at the bottom of the shopping cart.

It is currently not possible to make service items mandatory/required, however, if you have Booqable installed on a 3rd party website, you could look into adding the following code to make the service item enabled by default:

const checkExist = setInterval(function() {
const node = document.getElementById('booqable-sidebar-summary')
if (node) {
const services = document.getElementsByClassName('switch');
const requiredService = services[0];
if (requiredService.checked === false) {
}, 900);

If you have a question that wasn't covered in this article, make sure to reach out to customer support at [email protected]

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