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How to display product collections on your rental website
How to display product collections on your rental website

Learn how to create an inviting inventory display with product collections in the Booqable Rental Website Builder.

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Collections allow you to seperate product types from each other, displayed in different pages or sections on your online store.

This makes browsing through your inventory a much easier task for your online customers.

How it works

Collections is the grouping together of certain products, created within your Booqable settings, that is then showcased in its own individual webpage or page block your online store.

They are a great way to showcase your products when you have a large and varied inventory.

For example: cameras, lenses, tripods can be created as seperate collections. Alternatively, many Booqable users like to group products together in a collection if they are usually rented together.

💡Note: This is a feature for users who have created a website with the Booqable rental website builder only. If you have chosen to integrate Booqable with an external website, you can learn how to create product categories instead.

1. Create a collection

The first step is to assign products to different collections in your Booqable settings. You can add as many products as you like to a collection!

1. To create a collection, you must go to your Booqable inventory and click on the Collections tab. Here you will see a list of your existing collections; if you haven't yet added any, the only one available will be All.

To create a collection, click on the Add collection button in the top right corner.

💡Note: The 'All' collection is automatically generated by the system. All of your products will be included in the 'All' collection.

2. In the Settings tab, you can name your collection, add a description and upload an image. Try to be as descriptive as possible for SEO purposes.

3. Once you have created a new collection, you will be brought to a Product tab where you can add products to your collection. You scroll or search through your products and add them by clicking Add to collection.

2. Display a product collection on your website

Now that you have created your product collections in your Booqable settings, it is now time to add them to be displayed on the online store you created with the Booqable Rental Website Builder.

1. To display a product collection, you can use the same Product section as you added above. It is important to note that if you add a Collection, it will override any existing products you have added.

2. To add a Collection, you need to click on the section title itself rather than adding a block.

3. From here, you can edit the title of the collection, how you want your products to be displayed, and the alignment of items. You can also add a Collection by clicking Select collection.

4. If you already have created a collection, you can select one from the list or choose to show all of the products in your inventory. For this example, we will add a collection called Popular products.

Your website should now display all of the products in your chosen collection.

You're all set!

You have now successfully learned how to display product collections on your rental website.

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