How to display products on your website

Learn about the best ways to display products on a rental store created with the Booqable Rental Website Builder.

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Products are the backbone of both your rental business, and Booqable account.

Booqable's inventory management feature allows you not only to effectively prevent double bookings of rental products, it also allows you to be full control of how you display your rental products to your online customers.

How it works

There are two ways to display products on your Booqable website's pages; displaying products individually, and showing collections.

The difference between these two methods are:

  • When you add products individually, you must choose each product you want to add to your page.

  • When you add a collection, it will display every product from the chosen collection on your page.

1. Displaying products individually

1. To display products individually, you need to add the Product section to your page; if you use the default theme, this will already be added.

2. Then, you need to go to the Product section that you've added and select Add block, and click Product.

3. Next, click on the Product block you've just added and press Select product; this will bring up a list of all the products in your inventory for you to choose from.

4. Once you have added a product, it will look like the image below. You can add as many products as you wish to this section, and customers will be able to scroll sideways to browse them. Similar to a gallery of products.

2. Displaying product collections

1. To display a product collection, you can use the same Product section as you added above. It is important to note that if you add a Collection, it will override any existing products you have added.

2. To add a Collection, you need to click on the section title itself rather than adding a block.

3. From here, you can edit the title of the collection, how you want your products to be displayed, and the alignment of items. You can also add a Collection by clicking Select collection.

4. If you already have created a collection, you can select one from the list or choose to show all of the products in your inventory. For this example, we will add a collection called Popular products.

As you can see, it now displays all of the products in that collection so you can showcase our popular products.

You're all set!

You have now successfully learnt the different ways you can display your products on the Booqable Rental Website Builder.

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