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The Rental Website Builder
Getting started with the Rental Website Builder
Getting started with the Rental Website Builder

Learn how to create a rental store from scratch through Booqable's Rental Website Builder.

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The Booqable website builder has been designed to help you create a rental website quickly and easily, without the need of a web-developer or an expensive website builder subscription.

It allows you to choose one of our many website themes, create page templates, edit your navigation menu, adjust your theme styling, attach a custom domain, and add in as much text and images into your webpages as you like.

These steps and many more are all key elements of creating a rental website that drives even more online traffic, processes even more online bookings, and does many of the things that a website builder can do - all for the cost of only one Booqable subscription!

💡Note: As Booqable is constantly working on new features and updates, some elements of the video might be different than what is shown in the app, as it was recorded on an older version of the website builder.

How it works

1. To get started with the online store builder, you must first navigate to Online store, then select Customize under the Build your Booqable website section.

2. Scroll down to All Booqable themes and click Setup under your theme of choice.

Booqable has different collections of themes that are each based on a particular industry or style. For example, our Impact themes are all similar in their outdoor/active style - a good choice for bike or camping equipment rental companies.

💡Note: If you activate a new theme, the content of the old theme will not be carried over. The content of the old theme is saved and can be activated at any time.

3. You will be then be greeted with a website builder editor screen, that contains a preview of your store in the centre, and a list of website sections on the left.

You can then continue to the three key factors of creating a stunning new online store for customers to easily find, and navigate.

1. Creating pages and menus

The first step in creating an online store with the Booqable Rental Website builder is to start creating and adjusting the different pages of your website, and the menus that direct customers to find them.

2. Editing website sections

The second step in creating a unique online store is to edit the different sections of these pages; including image banners, written text, spacers, and button links. This guide will also show you how easy it is to edit the fonts, colours, and styling of your theme settings.

3. Displaying products and inventory

Lastly, it wouldn't be an online store if you didn't display your products. The guide below will direct you to the best way to create product pages, and display product collections on your website

4. Upgrades and FAQ

If you are already taking online bookings through the old version of the Booqable hosted store, learn how conduct and upgrade and find the answers to frequently asked questions about the website builder through the guide below.

Learn about upgrades and FAQ.

After you have completed the creation of your online store, the next step is set up your availability, operating hours, and online checkout settings. You can do all of this and more, by setting up your online store preferences.

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