How to troubleshoot on Weebly

Learn the solutions to common issues with running an online store by troubleshooting on Weebly.

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Are you using Weebly as your website builder and are having issues adding Booqable to your website?

The following article will supply you with some troubleshooting tips for common

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1. If your Weebly website does not show the App Center or Weebly  says "no sites that support apps".

Solution: If you have an already existing website, it is possible that you have one of the new weebly site builder accounts instead of the older one

If you already have the site, did you sign up using the "i just need a website" side of the onboarding? Or did you sign up with the "I need a website with an online store" onboarding?

If you already have a website started that is an online store template site, you may not be able to access the app center in weebly, or you may not be able to add an app onto that website. You will need to create a new account with the proper website type.

If/When you are signing up for a new account, make sure to select "I just need a website" and do not select "I need a website with an online store"

If you already made your site and are already paying for a weebly plan, you can contact weebly customer support to have them transfer your membership over to your new account/site.

2. Problem: Date Picker is not an option in the build menu. Can I still add it to my site?

Solution: Yes! You can add it using the HTML code:

<div class="booqable-datepicker"></div>

This can be done by adding a standard embed code element block to your website page and then pasting the above code into it.

If the element does not show up at first, please view your published website in a private browser to see how it would look when not logged into the editor.

Are you experiencing a different issue with your Weebly website?

Contact us and we will help you troubleshoot it!

Either use the Chat Bubble or email us at [email protected] with screenshots, a link to your Weebly website, and information about the issue you are experiencing.

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