It's important to understand that the order duration and the amount you charge are independent of each other. 

That means you can reserve items for three days but charge for only one, for example.

Automatically calculated charges

When you add an item to an order, the charge is calculated based on the order duration and product pricing. To override this, open the charge drop-down and set your desired charge duration.

For products with a flat fee, you can simply select or fill in the desired charge duration:

For products with template pricing structures, you can select one of the structure's tiles, or set a custom charge duration:

Manual charges

To set up a custom charge, click the Pencil icon, fill in your desired label and price, and click the Save icon when you're done:

Re-calculate prices

If you change the rental duration after adding items to the order, Booqable will prompt you if you want to recalculate prices based on the new period.

Clicking "Yes please" updates all charge durations in accordance to the newly set order period, where "No, thank you" leaves them as you set them.

Pro tip: Here's a way to quickly apply a charge that's different than the order duration for all products:

  1. Set the order duration to the period you want to charge
  2. Add products to the order
  3. Change the order period to the period you want to reserve the products
  4. When prompted to re-calculate prices click "No, thank you"

Now, you charge for a different duration than the order duration for all products on the order.


I changed the pricing of a product, but it's not reflected on my order

Booqable calculates prices the moment you add a product to an order. Otherwise, price changes would also apply to orders in the past.

Re-add the product to your order to apply the updated pricing.

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